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X Ray Technician School In Colorado Springs


Gone Honeymoonin'
Of doctors and technicians who do the imagingwith the discovery of X-ray imaging, all the (MRI). In between, you have … Read More

A Few Little Updates…
We left to come out to Colorado, but I have caughtpositive attitude! One of his x-ray technicians asked if heyou! For the other people in it!" My first response … Read More

March-April 2007
Astronomical Society is planning a public star party at Bear Creek Park in Colorado Springs Saturday and Sunday night to watch the Lyrid shower. Click here to watch the meteor as … Read More

Technology is changing liturgy. “Our Father who art in heaven” is now replaced with “OMG.” (Alan Ray) Drug manufacturers have dumped 271 million … Read More

Up To Her Neck in Pink Ribbons And Smiley Faces
Recognition at the Relay for Life being held that very evening in town. So I show up at the middle-school track where the relay’s going on just in time for the Survivors … Read More

CHOSEN: End Times Newsletter – Issue 182
Against Adoptive Parents of Missing Colorado Boys , Triangle UFO recorded overUFO activity recorded two nights in a row in New Zealand , UFO Emerged from … Read More

February 2009
Earth. Those of us that don't follow astronomy, however, wondered just what in X-Files was going on. "The first call we got was … Read More

H3onE3 Universal Facilitator, Universal Sacrifice And Holy Pi
Long lost brothers. In the Old Testament the 1,000 number the number 144,000, which is (12 x 12 x 1,000). The two 12 numbers … Read More

Barack Obama 44th US Prez! Volume 2
A life. Went to school on the GI Bill. Got. Raised a family in his small Oregon farmingForeign Wars. Then, this spring, Jim made a decision. He would … Read More

15 November – RSS SnapShot! Pt 1
Delivery system International Days of Action in Solidarity with Br Support Bradley Manningwhistle-blower COL. ANN WRIGHT (ret.), former US diplomat RAY MCGOVERN, former CIA analyst AIMEE AL March for … Read More

The Dulce Underground base
M.; Datil, N.M.; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Creed, Colorado; Sandia are in the alien symbol language, a physical exam and X-ray is required … Read More

Ask John Brzenk ! – PART 3
I have always been a wrestler since high school and have been considered locally one of the best. I competed in bar tournaments in my early 20,s until … Read More

Civil Defense Efficiency Data From Hiroshima, Nagasaki, And The Texas City Disaster Nuclear And Conventional Explosions On The Public in Buildings Etc
Technology. It should be noted that the average background dose on the Colorado plateau is 600 mrem per year, and in some areas of the world, much higher than that. For example … Read More